By Joseph Leray

PlayStation 3 Trophy information has outed a new downloadable campaign for Rage, id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter from last year.

A campaign called "The Scorchers" will feature a new difficulty and a new job path to play through, as well as two new minigames, called "Roly Poly" and "Video Poker," judging by the descriptions of the ten PS3 trophies. "The Scorchers" seems like it could be a substantial bit of work, introducing five new areas and new combat options, including a railgun and rebar ammo.

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The makers of "Quake Live," a new browser-based online multiplayer game based on "Quake III: Arena," talk about how hard it was getting it to work with different browsers and how they plan to make "Quake" appeal to a much broader audience than the just the hardcore community for years to come. Read More...

id Software's John Carmack gave us an update on the multi-platform development of "Rage" and the company's exclusive iPhone title. He also mentioned that he's in talks to work on an exclusive Wii game. That's right... a Wii game. Read More...

island_raid_281.jpgUsually when a PC game is ported over to the both the Xbox 360 and PS3, one developer works on the game for both platforms.

Not so in the case of "Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars."

Last month I saw a demo of "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" on the Xbox 360. Ported from last year's PC title, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of the game will be out on May 27. Two different development teams worked on the ports -- Nerve Software on the Xbox 360 and Underground Development (formerly Z-Axis) on the PS3.

Kevin Cloud, lead artist and co-owner of id Software told me about the main differences between the platforms and why id chose to use two different developers:

"Nerve has a lot of experience on the 360 but they don't have a lot of experience on the PS3 development. For a team that would have to do both for a small company, we felt that it would be best to put the 360 development with a team that really knows the 360 and put the PS3 development with a team that knows the PS3 and that was Underground. We really wanted to give both consoles the best chances to succeed for their audiences and for their platforms, so we went that route."

But that made me wonder: Did id think there was a difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 users? Why was the PS3 version made to be more similar to the PC? Was cross-compatibility between the platforms ever an option?

Read on for Cloud's answers to all these questions.


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