Sony held a small Q&A session with journalists in "Home" yesterday with "Watchmen" director Zack Snyder and artist Dave Gibbons, but if you missed the live stream, there are pictures of what a "Home" press conference looks like. Read More...

One of the most impressive piece of software I tried at a recent EA event wasn't a game -- it was EA's smartly designed sports hangout for the PlayStation 3. Read More...

Of the 24 costumes or costume bonus packs available for "LittleBigPlanet," the free Sack In The Box pictured above is the most frequently downloaded one in North America according to a press release issued by Sony Computer Entertainment of America yesterday. The release also revealed the most popular "Home" DLC. Read More...

Yesterday, I wrote about a few icky encounters I had on PlayStation's Home over the weekend.

But I logged on again last night and had an entirely different experience. And it was even more unexpected than guys proposing marriage... Read More...

In the virtual world of PlayStation Home, I'm the hottest thing around.

Over the weekend, I logged on and created an avatar that sort of looked like me: short black hair, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Nothing out of the ordinary -- so I thought.

When I finished making my avatar, I headed into Central Plaza where throngs of mostly male avatars were milling around, chatting and dancing. Wanting to bust a move myself, I left my avatar doing "The Robot" and went to the (real-life) kitchen to grab a snack.

But when I returned, I had some unusual encounters... Read More...

We recently showed you what kind of fashions you can spend about $20 on to make your PlayStation Home avatar look just a little more snazzy. For 49 cents, you too can wear a virtual cowboy hat -- or at least your Home avatar can.

So is this the future? A world of cheap avatar fashion purchases?

Sony seems to believe in it. Microsoft, I've learned, does not.

The day before Home launched I got a (clearly unrelated) briefing from Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg and I brought up this topic. I asked: When/how/how-often will we see cheap clothing options for our Xbox 360 Avatars available for paid download? Read More...

Like many other PlayStation 3 owners, I finally made it into "Home" this morning.

Home may only be in open beta, but that isn't stopping Sony from charging users who want to start fitting their virtual apartment and character with more goodies.

We had been told it wouldn't be that expensive.

There are only a few handful of items available right now. If you were to purchase everything that Sony has made available, it'd only cost you $26.12, with the most expensive item being a $4.99 summer home. Most items are $0.49, however. Will it stay that way?

For a complete list of what's available to buy in "Home," keep reading.


The years-in-the-making launch of Sony’s virtual space, Home, finally came today.

It’s just an open beta right now, but Home is here. The problem? Despite all the anticipation and chatter, Sony wasn’t ready for the sever overload; I’ve spent the better part of 30 minutes loading and reloading Home in an attempt to log in.

Other reports I’ve read suggest that once you’re in Home you’re in the clear, but getting into Home in the first place remains the number one hurdle.

We’ve contacted Sony to find out when these issues might be cleared up.

Am I the only one who’s been evicted from Home without notice?

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PlayStation 3's free virtual-world service Home is finally going to be available to all system owners today. To build interest, Sony reps were available to talk to the press about what's going to be in this Home open beta.

But in the great tradition of hyping an upcoming game-related project -- even one just hours away from release -- they were vague about some key things and full of teases.

Here's what I found out about money, rewards, music, cursing and some other key issues surrounding Home: Read More...

One of the early promises of Sony's Home service was the ability to stream media to your friend's machines and watch, listen and talk together.

Since then, Sony has said that's not something that will be part of Home's open beta.

But it is something that Microsoft's thinking about implementing with the "New Xbox Experience," otherwise known as the dashboard update coming on November 19.

Here's a shared video idea I proposed to two Microsoft employees who were showing me the dashboard a few weeks back.


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