On January 17, gamers Desirai and John exchanged vows at their "Halo"-themed wedding with the ceremony officiated by a man dressed as Master Chief. Our own Multiplayer editor Stephen Totilo was there to witness the nuptials firsthand in Orlando, Florida. Here's his report filed at MTVNews.com, and take a look at the video to see what the special event was like.

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Yes, that's Master Chief officiating a wedding ceremony. I spent Saturday down here in Orlando attending Desirai Labrada and John Henry's Halo Wedding, which went off with barely any hitches. We'll have video from the wedding here and on MTV on Monday, Jan 26. Read More...

Stephen is boarding a plane as we speak to attend the Full Sail University-backed "Halo" wedding we've been talking about for weeks. The wedding finally taking place this Saturday in Orlando, Florida. The happy couple has been updating us on the planning progress, and today we receive a glimpse into how they're adding a flavor of "Halo" to last-minute wedding details.

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John and Desirai are getting married this Saturday in a "Halo"-themed ceremony, so guess what shows up in the mail? A Microsoft-sent gift box full of "Halo" stuff and one non-"Halo" surprise. And it includes a very nice note. Classy, Microsoft! The so-called Match Made In Halo will take place on Saturday in Orlando thanks to the support and backing of Desirai's alma mater, Full Sail University. See the video below!


Remember Desirai and John, the Florida couple planning a "Halo" wedding? Here are some videos they shot for us on Tuesday of this week showing some of the "Halo"-themed touches they've applied to the wedding dress (her insignia on the sleeves!), the groom's cufflinks and whatnot. Video after the jump! Read More...

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