Easily one of this year's most hotly anticipated titles, "GTA V," is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, but not the PC. As disgruntled PC gamers love reminding everyone, especially whenever a new batch of screenshots or a new trailer surfaces.

Thankfully, the "GTA 4" modding community is hard at work, as always, to make part four look and feel as much like part five as possible, and thus help make the wait tolerable (there will be a PC version of "V," though it'll probably be just as late to the party as its predecessors).


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By Joseph Leray

In a statement on Steam's Grand Theft Auto forums, Rockstar Games have confirmed that GTA: Vice City has been pulled from digital stores, including Steam, "due to some music licensing issues."

The game's disappearance was noted in late October, but copies of the game that have already been bought and downloaded will not be affected. ""We'll make it available again as soon as possible," the statement continues.

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Rockstar Games has a tradition of doing what they want. In recent years they’ve made a game based on semi-obscure ‘70s gang movie and one based on ping-pong. They’re also working on a music mixer game for the PSP. These aren’t exactly subjects that are known to light up the sales charts. And yet, they don’t worry about it, they’re Rockstar. They do what they want.

Perhaps the best example of not giving a crap is the title of the upcoming DLC pack for “Grand Theft Auto IV”. Set to release in the fall of this year, the second (and possibly final) pack is titled, “The Ballad of Gay Tony.” Seriously, that’s what it’s called. If there was a less marketable title for a video game, I haven’t heard it.

The game will put players in the role of Luis Lopez, the right-hand man of flamboyant nightclub owner Tony “Gay Tony” Prince. You may remember Luis from his small roles in both the original “GTA IV” and “GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned.” When last we saw Luis, he was on the rooftop of Liberty City’s museum, escaping from the illegal diamond deal that brought all three main protagonists together. There’s little doubt that “The Ballad of Gay Tony” will feature this same mission, albeit from Luis’ point of view.

If you missed out on the first expansion pack, “The Lost and the Damned,” you’ll be able to pick up both episodes in disc format sometime this fall.

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Dear Rockstar: Motorcycles weren't very fun in "Grand Theft Auto IV" because it took five seconds to fall off, but since you fixed them in "The Lost And Damned," could you guys work on a patch to bring those physics into Niko's story? That'd be lovely. Write back soon! Love, Patrick.

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