In this trailer, titled "From the Ashes," is one of the rare times we get to see the Spartan murder machine's vulnerability. During a preview event last night (look for my post on that later today), "God of War: Ascension" Game Director Todd Papy talked about using the prequel to get at some of the emotional/softer elements of the character, something the last act of "God of War 3" attempted, albeit clumsily with a stand-in for Kratos' dead daughter.


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By Joseph Leray

Progress on the movie adaptation of Sony Santa Monica’s "God of War" franchise is apparently going well, according to writing duo Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

Kratos’ misadventures in mythological Greece were sure to draw comparisons to movies like Clash of the Titans and Immortals, but Dunstan looks distinguish the God of War movie from its rivals. “Those movies can inform God of War to step in a more bold direction,” he told Shock Till You Drop. “Not to join those ranks, but to stand head and shoulders apart.”

“The satisfying element is to look at those movies as a commentary on the genre and say something different,” he continued.

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On the professional website of "God of War" concept artist Cecil Kim, he's posted an image of the "Fire Titan" from "God of War III." From what we can tell, he's a large and fiery creature with lava spewing from various orifices. The description merely says, "Fire Titan battles against Zeus and his allies." Think this is an epic boss we can look forward to?

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How many undead warriors do you see?

Sony's press release today trumpeting last night's debut "God of War III" gameplay trailer boasted of some major graphical improvements. The upcoming PS3 game will have "groundbreaking depth of scale that is four times larger" than that of "God of War II." It will have "quadrupled" texture resolutions. And the game will depict "many more enemies on-screen ."

Impressive! So impressive that we had to start counting.

See below for a large screen capture from the trailer full of enemies piling onto our anti-hero Kratos. How many undead warriors do you see joining the fray?

We count 31.

I heard there were going to be major announcements and surprises at Spike's Video Game Awards on December 14th. I was told there'd be major appearances -- even after I told the organizers that I, a VGA judge, would not be able to attend.

So we're getting... Jack Black as a host. World premiere gameplay footage from Black's "Brutal Legend" game. "God of War III" gameplay footage of some sort. And more. On Spike on December 14th.

Plus the winners of Awards I voted in. Not bad!

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'Guitar Hero: World Tour' On Display During E3 WeekPotential "God of War" movie maker Brett Ratner would really like to make a "Guitar Hero" movie.

But the "X-Men" and "Rush Hour" director doesn't think Activision would want him to.

Ratner spoke to my MTV News colleague Jocelyn Vena yesterday for an interview primarily about his "Best Director" Video Music Awards nomination for his work on Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" music video. Since Ratner has done a lot with "Guitar Hero" lately -- he had Miley pretending to smash "Guitar Hero" instruments on the set of "7 Things," had "GH" in his Mariah Carey video and got it on American Idol -- we needed to ask him what else he has in store for the game.

This was his unexpected response:

"I love 'Guitar Hero' and I think it's a part of pop culture. I would love to do a 'Guitar Hero' movie, if Activision would ever let me. I'm trying to convince them, but why would you have a movie screw up such a huge franchise? Not that I would make a bad movie. So that would be cool, to do a 'Guitar Hero' movie. "

And here is his idea for the plot:

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