By Joseph Leray

Progress on the movie adaptation of Sony Santa Monica’s "God of War" franchise is apparently going well, according to writing duo Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

Kratos’ misadventures in mythological Greece were sure to draw comparisons to movies like Clash of the Titans and Immortals, but Dunstan looks distinguish the God of War movie from its rivals. “Those movies can inform God of War to step in a more bold direction,” he told Shock Till You Drop. “Not to join those ranks, but to stand head and shoulders apart.”

“The satisfying element is to look at those movies as a commentary on the genre and say something different,” he continued.

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On the professional website of "God of War" concept artist Cecil Kim, he's posted an image of the "Fire Titan" from "God of War III." From what we can tell, he's a large and fiery creature with lava spewing from various orifices. The description merely says, "Fire Titan battles against Zeus and his allies." Think this is an epic boss we can look forward to?

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