The merry pranksters at have decided to celebrate the momentous arrival of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon by compiling all of the series' many, many fatalities.

Of course, this video is exceedingly violent. Caveat emptor.


This comes from Nintendo's own press Web site, where the company posts screen shots for its new products. It's the company's style guide, meant to show game writers exactly how to use Nintendo products in, um, the thing they do with the words, grammatical butcheries, spelling, and such; it'll come to me, in time.

Without ado:

Nintendo Style Guide A Guide to the Proper Usage of Some of Nintendo?s Products

Wii: Nintendo?s upcoming home video game console. It is simply Wii, not Nintendo Wii. It is pronounced ?we,? indicating its all-inclusive nature. The name works best at the beginning of declarative statements. For clarity, it is best to avoid passive verbs and prepositions.

Nintendo DS: Nintendo?s hand-held gaming system. DS stands for Dual Screens (or Developers? System). The system includes a touch screen, a microphone and wireless communication abilities. Nintendo DS launched in the United States in November 2004.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection: Nintendo?s wireless gaming service. Players around the world can connect and interact with one another for no additional service charges. Nintendo DS users have access to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which began service in November 2005.

Game Boy: Written as two words. The best-selling video game franchise in history. This hand-held system originally debuted in the United States in July 1989. The current version is known as Game Boy Advance SP (for special). Other variations include Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Micro.

Nintendo GameCube: Written as two words. Note the internally capitalized C. Nintendo?s home video game console that debuted in the United States in November 2001.

As if Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy with its humorous retelling of A New Hope, etc., wasn't fun enough, the game also holds a special set of missions featuring these guys:


Trilogy's bounty hunter missions let you play as IG-88, Greedo, Dengar, 4-LOM, Boba Fett, and Bossk, with the goal being to find a hidden character on one of the game's levels before a timer runs out.


And you thought Namco would never, ever put the Prince from the PlayStation 2's quirkly ball-rolling epic Katamari Damacy into its new kart racer Pac-Man World Rally. "Impossible," you said! "It can't be done!"

The naysayers, and you know who your are, can choke down the horribly bitter taste of your pessimism after savoring this:



Words fail.


This game can not come out soon enough.

On a slow, sleepy Monday, it's good to look back at the time some headband-wearing idiot decided to trot out his bad Japanese in front of videogame designer extraordinaire Shigeru Miyamoto.

This is the only surviving photo of the dork in question. It is from Japanese game magazine Famitsu:


The year was 2001, when life was a little bit simpler. George W. Bush taught us all to love again, and disco, thankfully, remained dead. At the E3 press conference, one young lad thought he would try out his Japanese by asking a question to Miyamoto in his native tongue. What followed, simply, was one of videogame's most humorous non-game related moments.

See the video here.


For those who would rather punt cutesy child actress Dakota Fanning rather sit in a theater playing Charlotte's Web and marveling at her ability to pull off one of two expressions flawlessly, Monster House is the other kids movie to see this summer.

The Monster House videogame, a creepy cool kids' adventure featuring three playable heroes, water guns aplenty, and a 2D version of the arcade game (Thou Art Dead) that's showcased in the film, may well turn out to be the kids' game of the summer.



Perhaps the funnest game of this very minute, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy reminds us all that there's a small child inside of us, screaming to be let out. And, it need not be said, but this small child wants to stab a lot of Lego Stormtroopers in their coal black hearts with a lightsaber and then collect small widgets to redeem for unlockables.

As one of many Lego-style Star Wars characters, you can have a grand old time. The game is part adventure, part platformer, and pretty much all tongue-in-cheek. As Ben Kenobi, you can use your strange Force powers to disorient Stormtroopers by twisting their helmets so the eyepieces are facing the wrong way. As whiny farm boy Luke Skywalker, you can toss together Lego bricks to form an AT-ST walker to trample dunderheaded foes in your path.


Read More... columnist Chris Morris grades the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Xbox in terms of their performance.

Morris correctly lists the order of finish for the consoles when he writes that Sony wins without breaking a sweat, Xbox streaks in to second, and the GameCube finishes last. But this is like saying when you wear a meat suit into the tiger cage, you can expect a marked increase in pain and, also, death.


Game companies are nothing if not enthusiastic. They do so love their press releases and have been known to send out media advisories when one of their public relations agents finds a quarter on the sidewalk.

Well, today's news is more serious than that. This may just win two Pulitzer prizes for the journalist brave enough to pierce its subtle mysteries:

The Evil Villains Of NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.?s
Pac-Man World Rally?? Wreak Havoc In Pac-Land!
New Screens Of Toc-Man, Spooky and Erwin Now Available!

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. releases new screenshots of the maniacal creatures featured in Pac-Man World Rally??!



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