If you're not making your video game release an event, then you might as well give up on the whole thing.
--Cliff Bleszinski, Las Vegas, February 7, 2008

Cliff BleszinskiThis post is not about "Gears of War 2. The mastermind behind the only "Gears" game that has ever been released, Cliff Bleszinski makes it clear in the interview that follows that he's not hinting at any sequel.

So don't go looking for clues.

Instead, let's focus on the matter at hand: A couple of weeks ago at the DICE gaming summit I asked Cliffy about just how a major new video game should be announced.

Why not just announce a sequel that everyone expects, be it for "Gears" or whatever? Why be coy? Who benefits? Who loses? And, hey, is "Too Human" developer Denis Dyack right? He says games should stay out of the press until they're done. Agree, Cliffy?

One of the things I like about Cliff is that he answers any question I pose no matter what. Read on for his answers and choice use of the phrase "geek boner."


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