By Joseph Leray

As if the holiday season and the New Year weren’t enough to remind us of the inescapable creep of time, Electronic Arts has announced that it will be scuttling the servers of its older sports titles later this month.

In a statement on their website, EA explains that “fewer than 1% of all peak online players across all EA titles” are still playing games like "FIFA 11," "Madden 11," and "NHL 11" -- games for which the online multiplayer servers will be shut down on the 11th. “It’s no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping these games up and running,” the statement continues.

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by John Constantine

EA is a big company. Huge. Sprawling even. Their many branches are hard to even fit into the human consciousness. EA Casual, EA Sims, EA Games. Heck, EA Sports is the only one that’s easy to remember because they have their own catchy phrase about it being in the game (they have, strangely, never explained what ”it” is or what it’s doing in the game.)

So considering that Electronic Arts is a multi-tendril-ed beast, it’s no wonder that their E3 press conference was a bit all over the place. For example when the lights finally dimmed, a gory explicit rendered trailer for the highly highbrow “Dante’s Inferno” was shown. Then John Riccitello came out and introduced “The Sims 3”. Then “Charm Girls Club” with its hair-teasing Wiimote action. Yeah.


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