Twisted Fate. Fiddlesticks. Katarina. Garen. To the legions of "League of Legends" fans, these Champions are iconic (and to a newbie like me, it's a surprise anyone can tell who anyone is in the massively popular MOBA).

The latest slick cinematic trailer, "A Twist of Fate" made its debut this weekend during the All-Stars Tournament in Shanghai where Korea took it all home as the big winners against teams from North America, Southeast Asia, and China. So celebrate their big win with a trailer full of some wild-looking characters beating up on each other!


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This Friday kicks off 2012's Pokémon U.S. National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, running through July 1st. As competitive players duel it out on copies of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version, it's all for the opportunity to win that coveted invitation to August's World Championship in Hawaii. That event is expected to draw players from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and Japan to battle it out for global supremacy in the long-lived franchise.

Now it's likely that if you're one of the hardcore heading out to Indianapolis this week, your tickets are booked and you've tested your strategy and your reviewed your lineup a few times. But for everyone else who might be on the sidelines looking in (like your author), J.C. Smith, the Pokémon brand's director of consumer marketing, took some time out to chat with me about the ins and outs and the tourney, what to expect, and some tips on what it takes to be a champion.

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fpsbrain.jpgGetting your butt handed to you in "Halo 3"?

Take a pill.

About two weeks ago, news of a performance-enhancing pill for gamers made its way around the Internet. Dubbed "FpsBrain" and made by German computer-makers Tomarni, the product promises that a person will have a "remarkable increase in perception and reaction capacities."

To boot, the website claims that their staff uses FpsBrain four times a week to "enhance their mental performance and their work efficieny [sic]." If it doesn't work, the company promises "a 110% money-back guarantee."

Sound like a sketchy, late-night infomercial? I thought so too.

So last week I got in touch with the Berlin-based manufacturer and had an e-mail exchange with CEO Thomas Straßburg. And since I'm no expert on "energy drinks" and performance-enhancing supplements, I also e-mailed a registered dietitian to answer my questions regarding the ingredients of FpsBrain. Here's what I learned...


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