If you recall my preview impressions, "Crysis 3" is set to be another solid shooter in a growing franchise from Crytek and EA. While "Crysis 2" was their first swing onto consoles and had some pretty impressive visuals it didn't exactly bring the house down. With the next installment, Crytek has their sights set on bigger fights with aggressive AI coupled with a robust multiplayer but is it enough to draw you away from other shooters?

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By Joseph Leray


Confession: if there is a bow in a shooting game, I’m going to go out of my way to use it.

I’m not some kind of avid sportsman or real-life bow enthusiast, mind you. I’ve shot bows several times, actually, but I’m not exactly a marksman: sometimes I hit the target, and sometimes I send the arrow flying into my neighbor’s yard, off her roof, and into the next street. I’m lucky I didn’t seriously injure someone, and that was the end of my urban bow-shooting career. My target-practice sessions invariably take place on farms now.

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A shadow quickly slips into the swamp, invisible and unheard as a squad of CELL agents fan out into the murky waters investigating a few scattered noises. They're not quite sure what to expect but they remain vigilant if not a little tense, burdened by heavy weaponry and itching for a fight. The shadow has a eluded them before- always seeming to explode out of the ether and devastate the unsuspecting soldiers. Moving in a tight formation, they see a splash nearby. It's just a disinterested frog plopping into the muck croaking to itself. Satisfied nothing is wrong, the mercenaries retread their steps back to camp. One turns around just to double check but it's already to late. The invisible viper they had been hunting sinks its steel fang into the soldier's throat. The real hunt has just begun.

In many games you are the hero. This time, however, you are the monster - some twisted combination of phantom and tank melded into a single lethal vector of chaos. Thanks to your alien-tech powered Nanosuit, you are more than human, a super soldier able to take the toughest foe. One minute, you can activate your stealth a become rendered completely invisible and perfectly camouflaged in the environment. The next moment, you can flip on armor mode becoming a bulldozer with a purpose- to storm into a group of enemies crushing them with your might. It's these choices that have always been the basis of combat in the shooter franchise. Either go in quite or run through guns blazing. In "Crysis 3" not much has changed mechanically. But that ain't exactly a bad thing because you can sneak up to a dubious merc, wring him by the neck, then hurl him into space.

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