Over at MTVNews.com, I filed a story with quotes from 50 Cent talking about his new video game "Blood on the Sand," due in January from THQ.

In an interview with MTV UK earlier this week, the rapper said he's played the game and he's pleased with how it turned out. In fact, he's so enthused at how well it plays that he'll challenge any gamer -- right now.

"I actually had the opportunity to play it, and I'm pretty good at it," he said. "If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now."

He also revealed that 19 exclusive tracks will be included in the game.

Read the full article for more on his unlikely influences and how he combined his ideas with that of developer Swordfish Studios.

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Doing my daily search in the database of stock photo supplier Getty Images, I stumbled on some photos from a the launch party for "Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party" held last night at the Apple Lounge in West Hollywood, California.

Take a look at the pictures from the Ubisoft event showing famous people getting their Wii on, like celebutante Kim Kardashian, model/actress Vida Guerra and "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks.

Only one of them was photographed sitting on a Wii Balance Board. And only one -- hopefully -- played it in high heels: Read More...

Video game publishers, take note. Sigourney Weaver wants to be in your games. But, please, can you make the pitches a little more impressive?

Yesterday, my MTV News colleague Josh Horowitz got some time with Weaver to discuss some projects. I asked him to inquire about her involvement in the two announced "Aliens" games and the new "Ghostbusters" games.

First, this is what she said about the calamitous pitch she was given to be in an "Aliens" game: Read More...

Fans of the high-octane television show "24" know that for the past seven years, actor Kiefer Sutherland is CTU agent Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer is the character Sutherland was born for; it plays to all his strengths. Whenever "24" is criticized, it's never because of Sutherland's performance.

This creates a problem for me. I want to play "Call of Duty: World at War" -- post-release impressions are buzzing -- but every video that shows Sutherland yelling at my character completely pulls me out of the experience.

I keep waiting for the Bauer's cliché "Dammit!" to come echoing through my speakers. To me, Sutherland is Jack Bauer, Jack Bauer is Sutherland. Even when I saw Sutherland in "Mirrors" last year, his acting just felt like…Jack Bauer. Whether it's fan obsession or not, it's tainting "Call of Duty" for me.

Knowing how immersive the last "Call of Duty" was, I'd like to immerse myself in this one, too. I just don't know if Jack Bauer will let me.

The end of last week's "Shaun White Snowboarding" launch party brought about the biggest reasons guest blogger Michelle Zeller entered our contest: interviewing one of her personal idols, Shaun White.

Shaun was a busy guy that night. From celebrities and family to game fans and snowboarding aficionados, everyone wanted to talk to him -- but Michelle had ten minutes with Shaun all by herself.

Michelle has since edited that conversation down to just a few minutes in the above video, with all the crucial "Shaun White Snowboarding" information you need to know.

(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K. The ‘Shaun White Snowboarding’ guest-blogger project was made possible by a sponsorship partnership between MTV and the game’s publisher, Ubisoft.)

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Meet Our Guest-Blogger For Next Week!

Our guest blogger Michelle Zeller roamed the epic "Shaun White Snowboarding" party in Los Angeles on Tuesday, interviewing celebrities, playing the game and snapping photos.

Despite taking place in Los Angeles, Ubisoft had flown in snow and ice to help put the party attendees in the right mood. You can't promote a game that takes place in the mountains with adding a little chill, right?

Via camera, here's what Michelle saw…


Before Ubisoft's "Shaun White Snowboarding" party on Tuesday, guest blogger Michelle Zeller took to the red carpet to interview celebrities attending the event. A surprising number of them were already game fans!

Michelle caught up with MTV reality star Tila Tequila (seen above) and known skateboarder and star of former MTV show "Viva La Bam," Bam Margera to discuss games, snow boarding and, of course, Shaun White.

To hear what Margera had to say, keep reading.


Remember R&B/pop singer Brandy? The only thing that came to my mind is that 1998 duet she did with other single-named songstress Monica called "The Boy Is Mine."

Well, now she's back, and she recently confessed to our fellow MTV music blog Buzzworthy that she's obsessed with "World of Warcraft." It was number three on her top-five obsessions list. She said:

(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K.) Read More...

My L.A. colleagues at MTV News recently interviewed Christina Aguilera about her new greatest hits album and some weightier issues like advocacy against California's Proposition 8.

But credit that L.A. team for always remembering what it is that I need to know, and that's whether the famous people we interview know anything about video games. Here's Aguilera responding to a question about what she likes shopping for at Target, where her new album is being released:

"Target is an amazing store. You can find anything there. Board games… I'm a big gamer. I love my Nintendo DS. I love my board games. So on the road, [I play them] especially to kill time. Now, I don't have much time, because of my little one, to play those games. I play different games now."

That was on-camera. Off-camera, the L.A. team asked Aguilera which games she likes on the DS. Her top pick? "Mario Kart DS."

Rap superstar Soulja Boy certainly had gamers talking when he dropped a video recently to share his opinions on recent Xbox Live Arcade indie darling "Braid."

Gamers questioned Soulja Boy's taste and gaming credentials.

The rapper never responded directly to people's reactions to that "Braid" video. But he hasn't stopped talking about video games.

This week, he has released a video calling out the gaming community to take him on in "Halo 3". In it, he revealed his active Xbox Live gamertag -- "Souljaboytellem."

Through the magic of Xbox.com, MTV Multiplayer pulled up Soulja Boy's gamertag and noted his playing habits. Needless to say, Soulja Boy plays a heck of a lot of video games -- he just doesn't play many of them for very long.

The last games he's played, in order: "Zoids Assault," "Gears of War," "Dangerous Hunts 2009," "Dynasty Warriors Orochi 2," and finally "Silent Hill: Homecoming."

Soulja Boy's touched everything from "Penny Arcade Adventures" to "Gears of War" to cult favorite "Earth Defense Force 2017." On all of those games except "Gears of War," however, he has no listed Achievements. That's true of most games tied to his account. So even though XBL does not list total playing time, it doesn't seem like Soulja Boy is playing his games a lot.

If we're to gauge his interest in terms of achievements, however, we know some of his favorites -- 350 points unlocked in "Crackdown," 330 points in "The Bourne Conspiracy," 275 points in "Madden NFL 09."

And even though music is the reason for his success, Soulja Boy's shied away from the genre in games. He's barely touched "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" and never played "Rock Band" or "Rock Band 2."

This all feels a little creepy, but it's interesting insight into a public figure that's taken to vocally discussing their opinions and seen a strong reaction from gamers.

What do you make of Soulja Boy's playing habits, readers?

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