by Joseph Leray

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

QuakeCon 2013 started in Dallas yesterday, and Bethesda wasted no time in dropping a big announcement: the "Elder Scrolls Anthology" is coming to PC next month.


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Plasma rifles and powered armor are good and all but if you want to survive the post-apocalypse in style -- and keep track of how S.P.E.C.I.A.L. you are-- then you'll need a Pip-Boy 3000! Thankfully, Thingverse thing-creator, Dragonator has got your back with instructions for a 3D printable, life-sized version of the famous wrist-mounted computer.

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It's not well documented but it is well known around my social circle about the very real and very sad affliction that haunts my existence. Yes, despite the bugs, stiff narrative, and WTF scripting I love "The Elder Scrolls" series. Dating way back for me with "Arena" and then up to and through "Skyrim", I've spent roughly 90 real life days in my TES adventures, totalling over 700 hours across 7 characters in "Oblivion" alone. I'm not here for your pity nor do I want to be fixed. I merely need to set up a frame of reference before going further into Bethesda's next DLC add-on. With that said, I'll leave my personal obsessions on the side for now.

ANYWAY with "Dawnguard" being less than amazing and "Hearthfire" essentially The Sims-Lite, many fans were cying out for proper expansion pack on par with "Bloodmoon" and "Shivering Isles". Bethesda meets us halfway with "Dragonborn". But is it worth the 1600 MS points?

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By Joseph Leray

"Dishonored", Arkane Studios’ steampunk stealth-action game, is selling better than expected, prompting publisher Bethesda Softworks to consider expanding the game into an on-going series.

“We clearly have a new franchise,” Bethesda PR man Pete Hines told Destructoid.

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Developer Arkane Studios (Arx Fatalis) has been plugging away at the Gilded Age-era FPS Dishonored and we’ll have more to show you in a full preview next week. But until then, here’s a cinematic trailer for the game, which comes complete with a flame-spewing death machine, as one will.

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Todd Howard gave the opening keynote at the DICE 2012 summit in Las Vegas entitled "Why We Create, Why We Play," which proved to be a highly entertaining speech with an equally hilarious PowerPoint presentation. Todd has been with Bethesda for 18 years, starting in 1984. When he joined the company, Terminator Rampage had just come out. E3 didn't even exist yet, and according to Howard, "We had CES, but the video games were in a big tent outside with the porn." Look how far we've come since then.

To put things in perspective, he noted that Doom came out right around the same time he was joining Bethesda. Terminator: Future Shock first game he worked on, which was promptly one-upped by id. "I've worked on a few games since then, and we bought id a few years ago. So..."

Check out Howard's full keynote below, which features things like a gorilla high-fiving a shark.


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Skyrim Game Director Todd Howard was at the Spike VGAs over the weekend and while speaking with Joystiq he revealed that the Game of the Year-winning title will be receiving multiple DLC add-on packs in the future. He also commented on the idea of multiplayer in upcoming Bethesda games.

No specifics on the DLC were given, but according to Joystiq Howard said the add-ons would provide “ways to make the game better, not just have more, because the game is so big. So we're going through ideas right now, and processing everything people are doing in the game, and trying to think of ways that we can improve it." Read More...

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So, apparently we have a serial killer on the loose in Bethesda's land of the North and some of you can't help but censor that which need not be censored. Even with a few bugs hampering the experience, some intrepid gamers have been making their own fun in Skyrim.

First, via G4, we have this admittedly pretty funny video of someone adding bleeps to good old, run-of-the-mill dialog from the fairly tame RPG script. YouTube user NormalDifficulty knows that a carefully placed bleep can make even the most innocuous piece of dialog sound positively filthy. Read More...

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Today Bethesda Softworks announced "Fallout New Vegas," a new "Fallout" title for release next year. Read More...

When asked how he incorporates fan feedback into his next game during the "Evolving Game Design" panel, "Fallout 3" lead designer Emil Pagliarulo addressed how many gamers didn't like the fact that the game ended -- at all. "We look at other games, and how many other games end? All of them, so we'll end 'Fallout 3,'" he said of the thought process behind the idea. "Roll credits, it's over -- but people didn't like that so much." He added that "Fallout 1" ended as well, but the studio underestimated how much people viewed "Fallout 3" as a sequel to "Oblivion."

"So for us," he said, "it doesn't even go as far as the next game, it goes as far as DLC." He then explained how in the third piece of DLC for the game, titled "Broken Steel," they're addressing this issue by changing the end of the game so it doesn't end anymore. "That's a great thing about doing DLC," he said. "You don't have to wait for a full four-year development cycle; you can react in a matter of months to player feedback."

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