Hey you guys, "Battlefield 4" looks absolutely nuts. EA showed off a little bit of the popular multiplayer during their stage show at E3. While I impatiently wait for the video release, my print screen button was heating up during the intense firefight. So here's a recap in screens!

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Deadline is reporting that Fox plans on developing an hour-long comedy action series based on the Bad Company shooters.



Are you ready for more Battlefield 3? While the game made quite a splash when it launched last year, EA has only released one update for the game in the form of the "Back to Karkand" DLC for the game that featured four Battlefield 2 maps updated and remade using the new Frostbite 2 engine, along with 10 new weapons, four new vehicles, and new achievements/trophies. That came out in December of last year, roughly two months after the game was released.

Last night at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, EA held a joint event with both DICE and Danger Close to announce new things. Danger Close will be releasing a new Medal of Honor game entitled Medal of Honor: Warfighter this October, while DICE announced three new DLC packs for Battlefield 3 coming this year, the first of which is "Close Quarters" available this June. That pack introduces four new small maps meant to highlight tight infantry fighting, along with 10 new weapons that can be brought into "vanilla" Battlefield 3.


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At New York Comic Con, Multiplayer intern Sal Basile got a chance to check out "Battlefield 1943: Pacific." As a fan of the series, here are his impressions and notes on some of the changes made in the game. Read More...

Electronic Arts will be delivering new "Battlefield" installments on all fronts in 2009, from a sequel to "Battlefield: Bad Company" this winter and the unexpected "Battlefield 1943," which is being distributed over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PCs this summer -- screens below! Read More...

Battlefield: Bad CompanyThe beta for Electronic Arts's "Battlefield: Bad Company" on Xbox 360 doesn't start until tomorrow, but controversy hit last week when users discovered weapons that must be purchased over the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The weapons were discovered in a menu detailing the game's unlockables, each one padlocked with a note asking players to "buy this weapon on Xbox LIVE marketplace."

Multiplayer contacted Electronic Arts for an explanation, which they provided this morning. At launch, there will be ten weapons available through XBL or PlayStation Network that aren't in the box.

Before you panic: five will be free. Five retailers offer an "exclusive" pre-order weapon in the months to come. Each of those weapons will become available at launch for free.

Another five, however, will not.


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