Rovio has seen huge success thanks to Angry Birds. Their most recent adventure saw the avian warriors flung into space and nabbed millions of downloads in just the first few days after its release. But what about the pigs? When will we be able to play from their perspective? A new report suggests that may happen sooner than we think. Read More...

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Streaming game service, OnLive, has recently put out and update for its Android app that will let us play full PC-quality HD games on smartphones and tablets like Amazon's recent Kindle Fire. Support for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad is coming soon, very soon we hope.

The OnLive app, which originally only allowed users to browse through the catalog of available games and use the social features the service provides, will now give gamers complete gameplay support for any of the titles the service currently offers, such as Batman: Arkham City and Rockstar's L.A. Noire. Read More...

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Rovio has done a great job getting Angry Birds plush toys out into the wild and now Halfbrick is releasing a set of Fruit Ninja plush just time for the holidays someone to shove it all the way down to the bottom of your stocking so you can't get it out.

The set consists of two different plush toys – the fun fruit fact master himself, Sensei, and a watermelon fit with an awesome Fruit Ninja kung-fu headband. Sensei will set you back $15.99 while the watermelon comes in a dollar cheaper (for some reason) at $14.99.  There will also be a “training pack” that includes Sensei and a watermelon going for $29.99 and you can find them at the new Fruit Ninja toy store. Read More...

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The lack of buttons on the iPhone hasn't stopped a number of developers from making games requiring them, including vintage-style platforming games (we're talking "Commander Keen" here) that appear to be leading a healthy lifestyle on the application store. Read More...

Nintendo was doing touch screen gaming before it was cool and rumors contend Sony is playing with similar tech for the next PSP, but a new Apple patent giving the company rights to certain gestural controls could signal a roadblock for companies looking at touch screens in future devices. Read More...

There are thousands of games on Apple's application store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, many of them simply variations on one another at different price points, which is why we're kicking off a weekly column at MTV Multiplayer, which debuted on MTV News, with our 5 favorite games for the device so far. Read More...

Only a handful of iPhone games were scattered on the show floor at San Francisco's MacWorld this week, but that didn't stop other games -- like "Rock Band" -- from showing elsewhere. And, of course, who doesn't love the car from "Back to the Future"?


Well, almost live. I recorded this while sitting on the floor of MacWorld 2009 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, same as the Game Developers Conference. Today's video is later than usual due to unexpected technical difficulties. Look for tomorrow's at noon EST (we hope!).

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Apple declared iPhone the "best portable device for playing games" in September, touting several impressive games like "Need For Speed: Undercover." At their MacWorld keynote this morning, however, the company made no mention of iPhone gaming. This is Apple's last MacWorld appearance.


Games have become one of the most popular use of the iPhone* in 2008, thanks to the launch of an application store.

In just a few months, the iPhone has become a gaming handheld to be reckoned with, uttered by some in the same breath as the Nintendo DS.

While day-to-day charts give us a glimpse into what people are buying for the device, Apple has just released the most downloaded applications of 2008.

"Texas Hold 'Em," "Moto Chaser," "Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D," Super Monkey Ball," "Cro-Mag Rally," and "Enigmo" took spots in the top paid applications period, across all iPhone applications, while "Tap Tap Revenge" was the first most popular free application that was a game.

But games specifically, what were people interested in playing on their iPhone this year? Apple divided the list into the ten top paid and ten top free games.

*When we say iPhone, we also mean iPod Touch, unless noted.

Top 10 Paid Games:

1. Texas Hold’em
2. Moto Chaser
3. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
4. Super Monkey Ball
5. Cro-Mag Rally


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