The man occasionally known as Curtis Jackson talked to MTV News’ Shaheem Reid about a possible sequel to the recent THQ release.

The awesomeness of being 50, in a February game I only recently finished. Read More...

Confirm your weekend by listening to this week's Listen Up podcast at 1UP, where I join host Garnett Lee, alongside David Ellis and What They Play's John Davison, as we argue "Halo Wars" expectations, reviewing "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" and more.

50 Cent

Wrapping up my coverage of my 50 Cent interview from earlier this week, I had to share this one "Rock Band" story he told me at the G-Unit offices regarding the first time he played MTV's game. It's a little short on details, but use your imagination... Read More...

Rapper 50 Cent keeps a Wii in his G-Unit offices, where he and I talked yesterday, the day of the release of "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand." Check the clip above to find out just which game compelled 50 to get a Wii. And look below to see a photo I snapped of 50's Wii - note the presence of "Wii Play," the essential component of any Wii set-up. Read More...

I interviewed 50 Cent at the G-Unit offices in Manhattan today to discuss his new game, "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand." I wrote about plenty of 50 Cent's gaming thoughts on, where 50 talks about the game, what's being played on his tour bus and how he wants to make a "Saint's Row" movie. This clip here is 50 answering my question about what kind of game he'd like to make next. He wants to do a "Tetris"-style game. And then he gets to talking about that no-good "Pac-Man" cheater he sometimes raps with.

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This week's new releases brings us a host of sequels and franchise additions. Here we judge the box covers for the return of "Killzone," "Star Ocean," "Dead Rising," and 50 Cent. See which franchises kept their box art in check. Read More...

50 Cent's next video game is just a couple of weeks away from release and, thanks to  the game's publisher THQ, we've got some exclusive new "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" screenshots. Click the image above to see five new shots of the M-rated shooter. And remember, in our hands-on impressions of this game from last spring, we were plesantly surprised by how fun and arcade-y the game is.  The game's out on Feb 24 on the XBox 360 and PS3.

Over at, I filed a story with quotes from 50 Cent talking about his new video game "Blood on the Sand," due in January from THQ.

In an interview with MTV UK earlier this week, the rapper said he's played the game and he's pleased with how it turned out. In fact, he's so enthused at how well it plays that he'll challenge any gamer -- right now.

"I actually had the opportunity to play it, and I'm pretty good at it," he said. "If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now."

He also revealed that 19 exclusive tracks will be included in the game.

Read the full article for more on his unlikely influences and how he combined his ideas with that of developer Swordfish Studios.

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During today's Activision Blizzard earnings call, a financial analyst asked the company's CEO, Bobby Kotick, why the company didn't keep all of Vivendi's games when the two gaming companies merged.

The analyst didn't name any games, but technically, he had to be referring to the likes of "Ghostbusters," "50 Cent: Blood On The Sand" and the new "Riddick," which all appear to have found new publishing homes.

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