The follwing Lunchtime Video is wrong. Read the post below to find out why I'm exposing my ignorance to the world.

The Lunchtime Video you see above is wrong. Dead wrong. I recorded it about two hours ago, but was slow to post it because I was waiting to hear back from Nintnendo about the questions I was going to raise in that video. My questions involved the newly revealed June 8 release date for Wii MotionPlus. As you'll see in this video, I tie myself in knots trying to figure out why Nintendo would release the peripheral a week before any MotionPlus-compatible games are out. And then, seconds before I was going to post this, a Nintendo rep e-mailed me to point out that Sega's "Virtua Tennis," shipping May 19 will support the MotionPlus. So watch this video if you must, and laugh at how ignorant I was just a couple of hours ago.

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Activision has just supplied us with the newest trailer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the multiplatform movie game coming out for every major gaming platform this May. Development studio Raven is making this one. Is this a movie game you'd buy?

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After finishing "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" last night (a topic for another post), I got back to Ubisoft's voice-controlled military strategy game "EndWar." I enjoyed the game's tutorial but struggled in the first couple of campaign missions. So, I decided, this game will be like "Street Fighter IV": a game I think is probably good but which I will shelve until some possible time in the future when I can get good at it. Does anyone else shelve or return games that are beyond their current skills?

Nintendo released this new image of its June-dated Nintendo Wii MotionPlus add-on today. The $20 peripheral doesn't look that different from how it was shown during the E3 trade show in July last year (here's a nice big E3 shot for comparison), but the protective casing around it has been modified. It's not clear from the image whether the new case is part of the peripheral and is separate from the Wii Remote jacket. From this image, it appears to me, that there might just be one extended jacket for the whole thing. Anyone else notice anything important?

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